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OK, to be honest, we were sure that we were going to have to pull the heater out of the truck, tear it apart, and give it a thorough going-over. We were at Wal-Mart and happened to see Febreeze for autos. We know that the lady-folk love the stuff, and figured it was only five dollars down the drain if it didn't work. Once we got it home, we did the only thing that made sense to us: We sprayed it into the intake of the heater system while the system was on full blast. The directions state that as the stuff dries, it takes the smell away. We were less than confident, but we were determined to put the whole bottle through the system anyway. We ran both the heater and the A/C, we varied the temperature, and three days later we'd fed it all through, with proper drying time in between "coats." So far, so good. But we'll see if it lasts. (Photo by Marie Gaspari-Crawford.)