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1940 Ford Pygmy

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'40 Ford Pygmy
The Ford Pygmy, shortly after its November 23, 1940 delivery, showing the body features the Army liked best of all three prototypes. The legendary T-handle hood latches, flat hood, grille-protected headlights, fold-down tubular windshield, and roomy interior were all design features that were later standardized. The original Pygmy survives at the Alabama Center for Military History in Huntsville. For years, it lived in the Henry Ford Museum but was sold to a private collector in the '80s. The Pygmy was powered by a 119ci, 45hp four-cylinder that was half of a 239ci Mercury V-8. The engine had been originally designed for the 9N Ford tractor of 1939, but was also used in '40-'42 Ford pickups.