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1957 Willys Fc150

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1957 FC-150
In 1957, Willys went into uncharted territory by offering forward-control (cabover) light trucks. They came in two varieties: the FC-150 short- and the FC-170 long-wheelbase trucks. The FC-150s, like Ed Tromley's '57 seen here, used a chassis layout very similar to the CJ-5 and with the same 81-inch wheelbase. The combination of a narrow track and nose-heavy attitude yielded some unusual handling characteristics, which inspired Jeep to strap a big iron weight to the rear chassis. In 1958, the axles were widened from the CJ-version 48.4 inches to the same 57-inch track used on the FC-170. This FC is mostly original and happens to be the 18th FC-150 ever built.