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The Silver Bullet Part 1 - 2007 Jeep Wrangler JK

Jeep Front Three Quarter
Robin Stover | Writer
Posted June 1, 2011
Photographers: Cody Kanuscak, Matson Breakey

Wrangler JK Lighter = Better

Meet the newest member of Four Wheeler’s project vehicle fleet. The Silver Bullet is an ’07 JK Unlimited that we plan to transform into a nimble trail machine throughout the coming year. The build strategy for this one will adhere to a strict diet of aluminum, chrome-moly, and other feather-light materials to prove the concept that lighter is better in virtually all trail scenarios. Through the use of advanced weight-saving componentry, we’ll show you how to make a 6,000-pound SUV perform like a buggy in the real world.

To kick things off, we’re focusing on the rear portion of the vehicle, highlighting one of the lightest rear bumper and spare-tire carriers that money can buy. The bumper is made by Aberle Off Road, a company that specializes in lightweight bumper systems for Chrysler vehicles. In addition to being lightweight, the Aberle unit is attractive and stout, complete with frame-mounted extraction points and accommodations for securing a full-size spare tire as well as a Hi-Lift Jack and shovel. However, the coolest part about all Aberle bumper products is the fact that each is cast entirely from A356 aluminum alloy right here in the U.S. With a total combined weight of just 120 pounds, it’s significantly lighter than any steel JK bumper/tire carrier we’ve tested. Check the highlights from the installation process as it was performed by Phil Evans of Extreme Gear of Rancho Cordova, California.


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