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Track Bar

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The fifth link that we spoke of earlier is the track bar, which centers the axle under the truck. When you move the axle further from the frame, the factory track bar pulls it towards the driver side. While adding a longer track bar would be easy, no two trucks are the same weight with the same weight distribution, so a fixed-length track bar will almost always be at least a little bit off. We also dislike the ball-joint-style track bars. We find that with bigger tires and heavier use, that ball joint dies quicker than we like. We found what we wanted from BD Diesel Performance. This kit replaces the ball-joint-style mount at the frame side with a ¼-inch-thick mount that ties into the frame in five places. The track bar itself is made from 13⁄8-inch diameter, 0.313-inch-wall tubing, houses heavy-duty polyurethane bushings, and is adjustable while installed.