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Gibson Exhaust

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As it turns out however, a 315/75R16 won’t fit up under the bed because the factory exhaust is in the way. We didn’t want anything in the bed that would get in the way of using it as a bed. So we hacked the factory exhaust off, and with it out of the way, the tire fits. We then went looking for a side-exit exhaust and came up with this Gibson kit. The muffler is fully welded and will take a beating. (The Clunker failed smog the last time we took it, and we’ve been running on a temporary operating permit ever since.) While we were messing with the exhaust, we decided to put this high-flow Catco kit on as well. We freed up some horsepower and got the truck running clean again all in one shot. We got both kits shipped to our door from Summit Racing.