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Rear Axle

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The rear axle is a full-float 14-bolt that has 1-inch shaved off the housing to enhance ground clearance. Like the front axle it sports 5.13 gears and a Dynatrac diff cover. The brake calipers and rotors are from a Chevy 3/4-ton truck. Bayshore Truck Equipment made the 3-inch-diameter, 0.250-inch-wall driveshaft with a 1350 CV and U-joints. A Powertrax No-Slip differential sends power to each wheel. Wade flipped the overload springs in the stock rear leaf packs, reinforced the stock spring shackles, and added an Offroad Design shackle flip kit and Zero Rate kit. He says this system moved the rear axle 1 1/2 inches outboard and created five inches of lift. Damping duties are handled by a pair of 12-inch-travel Fox 2.0 emulsion shocks.