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2005 International CXT: Iron Revenge

Posted in Project Vehicles on June 1, 2012
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In the fall of 2004, International rolled out the gargantuan four-wheel drive CXT. Basically a semi tractor sporting a modified Ford Super Duty dualie pickup bed, it left people slack-jawed in amazement. It had a monster diesel engine, air brakes, a towing capacity of 40,000 pounds, and a hauling capacity of 11,400 pounds. It should’ve come standard with a mop to sop up all the testosterone.

The CXT may be big, but Magicmotorsports says, “It can easily cruise (with cruise control) at any posted speed limit to include Texas at 80 mph for nearly 1,000 miles. Two west-to-east coast road trips this last year proved that to be the case and the truck is very nimble and easy to drive.”

But that wasn’t enough for Orlando, Florida-based Magicmotorsports. The company took the ’05 CXT you see here, originally purchased to tow heavy equipment, and modified it with a variety of goodies including a suspension lift, larger tires, custom bumpers, and a winch, among many other things. We spotted the rig at the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas (kinda hard not to notice it because it towered above most of the other rigs) and were struck by its uniqueness and the fact that it had a fascinating list of custom mods. So in our quest to bring you a wide variety of feature rigs we invited Magicmotorsports to bring the truck to our semi-secret desert photo location so we could shoot some photos and see the truck in action.

There’s more to the story. You see, Magicmotorsports calls this truck “Ironrevenge” and it’s part of the Strength of America Project. Glenn Harris, manager of Magicmotorsports and primary driver of the rig says, “It was at least a driving force for me as I hope to inspire people of all ages to build things in America and to inspire both young and old to build and create in general. Of course four-wheel-drive trucks are a love for me and the greatest part of all of this, but I intend for Ironrevenge, as it travels doing shows and events, to be able to foster a mentorship program with great builders, manufacturers, and fabricators nationwide of all products American and of course anything automotive.” He goes on to say, “The truck is a part of the culture of America and four wheeler trucks are a big part of the American image and strength of our country. I want it to grow and thrive.” To promote this cause, the Ironrevenge CXT is planned to be at a minimum of 30 events in 2012 and you can get more info at

The Details
Owner/Hometown: Magicmotorsports/Orlando, Florida
Vehicle/Model: ’05 International CXT
Estimated value: $350,000
Type: DT466 High Torque 6-cyl turbodiesel
Aspiration: Fuel injection, turbocharger, 4-in exhaust
Output, hp/torque, lb-ft (estimated): 300/860
Transmission: Allison 3500
Transfer case: Meritor T-4210 2, 2-spd
Front: Re-arched factory springs, custom longer shackles, custom laser-cut shims, longer factory-style shocks Rear: Custom longer shackles, custom laser-cut shims, longer factory-style shocks
Front: Meritor MX-10-120/open
Rear: Meritor RS-17-145/open
Ring and pinion: 5.13:1
Wheels: Custom steel split-rim, 20x10-in front/ 21x18-in rear
Tires: Michelin XZL, 53x16.0R20 front/ 54.6x24.0R21 rear fw

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