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Rear Coilspring Suspension

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Here’s another one of the trucks surprises. In order to eliminate the leaf-spring rear suspension and replace it with a coil-spring suspension, Mopar Under Ground cut the Power Wagon’s factory 3/4-ton chassis approximately 10 inches behind the cab and then replaced everything rearward with a section of rear chassis from a 2010 1/2-ton Ram truck. The suspension includes Superlift components like Superide dual-rate 4-inch-lift coil springs as well as a number of new brackets including those to relocate the factory four-link bars to the frame. Like the front, Bilstein 5100 monotube shocks are used in the rear. The rear axle is an AAM 10.5-inch unit with TracRite locking differential (which operates as a helical-style limited slip when unlocked), 4.56:1 ratio gears, and 14.17-inch-diameter brake rotors with dual-piston calipers.