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Prank You Very Much

Prankster Holding Zip Ties
Sean P. Holman | Writer
Posted August 1, 2012

Get Them Before They Get You

Heading out on a trail ride or a camping trip with some of your best friends can be one of life’s greatest pleasures, unless of course one of them happens to be an Alpha prankster. Then there really isn’t much worse than spending an entire trip watching your back and trying to remember if you locked up your rig before turning in for the night.

Trail pranks have evolved over the years and now go far beyond resetting the radio presets, turning the heater and wipers on, or pouring confetti down the air vents. No, pranking is at a whole new level these days, but there is some etiquette to follow when pranking your friends.

Number One: Don’t cause permanent damage or do something that will involve costly repairs. Pranks are meant to be harmless mischief that annoys for a good laugh, not damage to the point of small claims court case. You never want a fun night to end up with you paying restitution.

Number Two: Leave out the oversensitive friend with the handgun, he is the guy that tends to escalate to DEFCON 1 and will ether end your friendship with an itchy trigger finger or immediately ratchet up to a nuclear response. These guys aren’t so much fun to play with.

Number Three: Don’t do anything that you wouldn’t expect to get back twofold. As it turns out, most people don’t like pranks as much as you do, so most friends are going to lie in wait for the perfect opportunity to get you back and send a message.

Number Four: Don’t prank outside of your social circle, lest it become a criminal act or worse. Jail time isn’t what we’d consider a fun time. Keep it clean and everyone wins.

So, for those of you still looking to have a little fun with your buddies, here is a list of some of our favorite pranks. We left out the ones that include bologna, eggs, and sugar, on purpose. Remember, pranks can go on for years, so before you step on the field, make sure you have the fortitude to stay in the game.

Say, Is Your Radiator Leaking?
At some point everyone has to relieve themselves, so why not do it under the front of your friend’s rig? When you are done, you might want to casually stroll over and point out the radiator “leak” you noticed.

What’s That Rattle?
Have a buddy who is really aware of new noises coming from his rig? Here is one that will drive him nuts. By then end of the night there are usually ample beer and soda cans around the campfire. Don’t throw these away; instead, crush them down just enough to slide between the windings of his coil spring. They make a ton of racket when the target rig is driving down the road and they can’t be removed real easily.

Switch It Up
For anyone with a late model Dodge, Ram, or Jeep vehicle, Pixel Decals ( makes these stickers for the switch panel. Its always fun to sneak in to your friend’s Jeep and replace his seat heater switch with an “eject” button.

Zip Trick
Remember the baseball cards you’d put on your bike as a kid to make it sound like a motorcycle? Well the same idea can be applied to a driveshaft with zip ties. It makes a crazy racket, but won’t cause any damage. This one is always good for a laugh at the expense of a new wheeler.

Smoke Signal
Where there is smoke, there is fire. Unless there just happens to be vegetable oil, which someone applied liberally to the muffler with a rag. That someone could have been you, who will then be laughing as your friend is frantically running around looking for a fire extinguisher. The only dead giveaway on this one will be the curious smell of french fries.

We Have a Leaker
Removing valves stems is cruel, and it’s sort of a cliché. Instead, stick a pebble under the valve stem cap and introduce a slow leak. Bonus points for doing it to each of the valve stems, including the spare. When it is finally discovered, you will be far removed from the crime.

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