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Kitchen Area

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There are a number of features integrated into the Rhino-lined tray that make extended backcountry travel possible. “Two of the features I like and use the most are the Engle refrigerator and the ‘cook box’ based on the 4-foot Weatherguard box on the left side of the tray. The cook box holds a three-burner stove, Jetboil stove, Coleman lantern, extra propane bottles for each, a solar/crank-powered multi-band radio, GSI Bugaboo cook set, assorted utensils, cutting board, four days of emergency rations, and various spices. All of this stuff is packed in a way that won’t shift around on rough roads,” Floyd says. There’s also a 6-foot Weatherguard box on the opposite side of the tray that is used for storage and to hold a 12-volt battery that’s used for power. This battery is charged via a 62-watt foldable solar panel that can be placed on the sunny-side of the top of the canvas canopy. Other features include drop-down (and removable) tray sides, a 10-gallon water tank, and secure storage for a Hi-Lift jack.