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Apocalypse Survival

Henry Rifle
Ken Brubaker
| Senior Editor, Four Wheeler
Posted December 1, 2012

14 Things You Need When Civilization Goes Awry

Civilized society has imploded and it’s just you and your 4x4 in a chaotic world. There’s no electricity, cell phones are useless, and supermarkets are stripped bare.

But you’re healthy, eating well, and able to travel at will. This is because you’re utilizing the items you collected prior to civilizations crash (darn zombies). You had the foresight to gather key items (along with several hundred gallons of fuel for your 4x4) to ensure that you will survive the end of the civilized world.

What do you have in your cadre of survival gear? Let’s have a look. There are things you need to take care of your body, because ultimately that’s the number one priority. There are also things that will make your post-apocalyptic quality of life better.

Since the civilized world has ended, you can’t saunter into the meat department at the supermarket, which means you have to hunt for meat if you want it. For this you’ll need a rifle. One of our favorites is the Henry U.S. Survival AR-7. This U.S.-made .22LR-caliber rifle can be disassembled and the pieces fit inside the waterproof ABS plastic stock, which will float in water. When stowed, the rifle is only 16.5 inches long and when assembled its 35 inches long. The AR-7 includes a pair of eight-round magazines.
Contact: 201/858-4400,


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Fishing Pole
If hunting game isn’t an option you may need to fish. You could lug around a fullsize fishing rod, but you may want to consider something like the Daiwa Mini Systems Travel Kits. Available in both Minicast (shown here) and Minispin Systems, they come with everything except terminal tackle. All of the components are housed in a hard case with built-in tackle compartments.
Contact: 562/375-6800,

Water Purifier
It is said that the human body can only go one week without water. Naturally, this makes getting clean drinking water a priority. There are a number of water filters available, and one that has a good reputation is the Swiss-made Katadyn Pocket Water Filter, which is part of Katadyn’s Endurance Series. This hand-operated filter weighs only 20 ounces, removes/destroys protozoa and bacteria, and it makes one quart per minute. Katadyn also offers hand-operated and 12-volt desalinators.
Contact: 800/755-6701,

First Aid Kit
If you’re injured you can forget about the immediate care clinic or calling an ambulance. End of the civilized world, remember? You are now responsible for your own first aid, and things like a simple infection can totally ruin your apocalypse. Adventure Medical Kits is one of the companies that offer an incredible range of medical kits. This is the Fundamentals kit that is part of the company’s Mountain Series and it features a wide array of medications as well as contents for treating everything from bleeding to blisters/burns to fractures/sprains. The kit features Easy Care organization that arranges the contents by injury along with specific instructions to enable anyone to administer first aid quickly and confidently.
Contact: 510/261-7414,


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When hunting, there are times when a situation calls for a bow and not a firearm. Like if zombies or other nefarious adversaries are lurking around. You can’t go wrong with a quality traditional or compound bow, but if you want something that’s designed for easy transportation and quick assembly, you’ll be wanting a take-down longbow like the Bear Archery TakeDown recurve bow system. The three-piece riser is made of black Dymondwood or exotic Bubinga wood, the limbs are fascor powered; backed and faced with high-strength black fiberglass, and the tips are handcrafted and layered.
Contact: 812/467-1200,

Another survival essential is a saw. When the saw is on the back of a machete that’s even better. A saw has a variety of uses including lopping firewood into smaller pieces or cutting limbs to create a shelter or shelter frame. The Gerber Gator 25.7-inch, 18-ounce machete is forged of high-carbon stainless steel, has a serrated edge on one side and a fine edge on the other. It comes with a riveted nylon sheath.
Contact: 800/950-6161,

Solar Charger (For Small Electronics)
Small electronics can be a big help (or pleasant diversion) after the apocalypse. Stuff like iPods, iPads, two-way radios, LED lights, cameras, night vision goggles, and games need to be recharged and that can be impossible if the electrical grid is down. However, if you have access to the sun’s rays you can charge these types of items with the cool JOOS Orange portable solar charger. This 1½-pound unit is waterproof and submersible and uses the highest efficiency commercially available, monocrystalline solar cell and a replaceable lithium-ion polymer battery. You can capture solar energy to charge your devices immediately or store the energy in the replaceable on-board battery for later use. The JOOS Orange can also be charged from any USB power source.

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