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1965 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ 45 - Project FJ-Hybrid - Part IV

Right Rear View
Mark Williams | Writer
Posted August 11, 2004

Part 4: Bolting together driveline and body parts

Bikini top, matching tonneau covers and doors, and a rugged pair of Wrangler seats. These 35-inch BFG Mud Terrains look like they're ready to roll up any trail and tuck into the fenderwells nicely.

Getting to the final stages, our Project FJ45 is starting to look like the Toyota we had envisioned. From the power-steering setup (June '99) to the beefed-up pumpkins (July '99), cantilever shackles, and shortened bed (Sept. '99), we're now ready to get the body and powertrain put together.

Downey decided to use a factory straight-six from an FJ60, build an adapter setup to hold a 700-R4, then show off the package (at this point) in all its midsummer soft-top glory. However, this installment will focus on the mechanicals of the project, whereas our wrap-up trail-test episode (next time) will go deeper into interior detail.

From the beginning, we've focused on cleaning and improving our Toyota FJ to make it a force to reckon with on any extreme boulder-bashing trail. Our heavy-duty front and rear dual-pivot shackles should make this an axle travel champ. We'll find out in our next episode.


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