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Golf Cart Resurrection - Part 1

Ez Go Golf Cart Front Three Quarter
Chris Hamilton
| Brand Manager, Mud Life
Posted October 20, 2013
Photographers: Macy Gilliam

Bringing a Tired Old E-Z-GO Back to Life

Although standing around at an event watching others blast through the mud is entertaining, having some sort of vehicle to get around in the mud is extremely important to having an even better time! Some of the events are on a property that covers 500 acres, and there’s a lot going on, so transportation should be the number-one priority. Of course, not everyone can afford a 2 1/2 -ton mega truck, but other options for getting around the park are more affordable.

The E-Z-GO gold cart company was founded in 1954 and is still making carts today. With the amount of old beat-up carts out there just rusting away, it’s not difficult to find one lying around that can be restored for mud use. We have always found these carts fun and a great way to get around large events, so we will work with DG Custom Gold Carts out of Jacksonville, Florida, to restore an old electric E-Z-GO Freedom golf cart. Together we’ll resurrect it into a badass cart complete with a big ol’ Briggs & Stratton 23hp Vanguard V-Twin engine, a custom-built suspension that can easily be built at home, and a killer audio system.

We’ll have this killer cart at most of the events we attend, so feel free to stop by and check it out and hopefully get some ideas for your own build. DG Customs specializes in off-road golf carts, so we expect ours will be nothing short of functional and head turning. The first part of this series will cover the teardown, mockup, and frame modifications.

Step By Step

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  • 1. David and the crew at DG Custom Golf Carts started our custom build with a rundown, unusable ’01-plus E-Z-GO Electric Freedom TXT cart (Freedom indicates lights and break lights.)

  • 2. DG will be mounting a 23hp Vanguard V-twin big block engine! This gas-powered, four-stroke motor uses a centrifugal clutch to get you moving in the right direction. To kick the power up a bit, DG will also include a Jake’s big-block conversion kit (PN NIZEL7214).

  • 3. The first part of any build is obviously the teardown.

  • 4. Carefully removing all of the parts you are taking off will give you the opportunity to sell the old equipment to someone who could use it.

  • 5. Since we started with an electric cart, the rearend needs to be removed. If you have a gas-powered cart, there is no need to change a functioning rearend.

  • 6. Our cart will sport a completely retooled electric rearend.

  • 7. To mount the big-block Vanguard motor, DG Custom Fab designed a custom motor mount bracket kit.

  • 8. The factory battery rack will need to be removed before work can continue. This kit also works with a 20hp Honda engine.

  • 9. A 9-inch suspension lift will be achieved using a 6-inch Jake’s spindle lift kit and a set of DG Custom Fab lift bocks. A spindle lift will give us a better steering ratio and a lot more clearance around the fenders.

  • 10. After the frame is cleaned up and the cart is on the rack, the crew at DG can start bringing this old cart back to life. Stay tuned for more stories about this one-of-a-kind build.


DG Custom Golf Carts