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Rockwell And Dana 30 Axleshaft Comparison

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To offer perspective on just how massive the 1.62-inch, 16-spline 2 1/2-ton Rockwell axleshaft is, we placed one alongside a stock Dana 30 ’shaft. There are three common types of Rockwell axleshafts, the Bendix, Rezepa, and U-joint (shown). The U-joint-style cup diameter is an impressive 15⁄8-inch and is most commonly found in later model Deuce-and-a-Half trucks. The Bendix and Rezepa ’shafts are said to be nearly as strong (stronger according to some literature) than the U-joints ’shafts, but given that the early ’shafts cannot be rebuilt once broken, give the U-joints the upper hand.