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1986 GMC Sierra - Red Bull

Posted in Project Vehicles on November 1, 2001
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Contributors: Ken BrubakerWendy Frazier
Photographers: Ken Brubaker

For most of the staff here, events are generally business as usual. We start by checking out the rainbowed fusion of shiny trucks, and predictably, there's always something new or unusual. When we see a 4x4 that is way cool, our natural curiosity leads us to ask the truck owner questions, and this inevitably leads to a possible feature vehicle article.

This was the case with Boone Roberts' '86 GMC Sierra. He was hanging out at an event we were covering. His truck stood out as one that had been really...well...used. It also had 38-inch Swampers. It doesn't take a genius to figure out that his truck can do some pretty cool tricks. (And his friends said he would never get in the magazine. Tsk! Tsk!) Just goes to show how much Germans love David Hasselhoff. (If you said, "What?" that is the joke.)

So you want to know how you can get your rig in the mag? Follow the photo captions and next issue it might be you in these photos.

Picture your own truck here! All you need is one chance to get back at your friends for all the crap they talk about your truck, right? It's all about bragging rights! Follow the rules here and conceivably you can be the next inductee to the exclusive club of 4-Wheel and Off-Road Magazine's Feature Vehicles Hall of Fame. Rule Numero Uno: Wear red!!! Preferably a '72 OEM GM Red like the color shown, but any in-your-face color is cool with us.

Rule No. 2: Transplant, build, or buy a cool powerplant. Boone's '86 GMC Sierra cuddles a '99 GM ZZ4 crate motor. It won't hurt if you are an NHRA Pro Stock engine builder either. That way when you get a Holley 750 carb, Dynomax headers, and a Flowmaster exhaust you can just toss them on like a chimp eats a banana.

Rule No. 3: Buy our editor, Rick Pw, dinner. Show him the love. Then give him a ride in your truck. He'll like the cozy cloth bench seat, the Auto Meter tach, and the Clarion stereo. We promise.

Rule No. 4: Build a truck that works-something with power, big meats, a realistic lift, strong axles, low gears, and workable parts. For the underneath components, Boone has a front 10-bolt axle, a rear 14-bolt axle, 4.10s front and rear, and extended driveshafts. No lockers...yet. Suspension is moderate but capable in the 8-inch Skyjacker style.

Fifth and final way to get in the mag: Let people see that it works. Refer to Rule 4. This means that you not only have to know how to drive your off-road vehicle, but you have to use it and like it! P.S. there's a fine line between driving like an ass and just showing off. Don't do either. Be cool about it. You'll have time for shameless, high-pitched screams between the time we talk to you and when the magazine comes out. Good luck!

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