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1971 Jeep Commando - Rock Zombie

Jeep Cj7 Front Clip
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted August 1, 2003

Caddy Commando

When Ron Fasano sent us pictures of his Jeepster Commando, we got a little excited. It's not every day you see a built Commando. The lack of body parts unique to the Commando, and the fact that there were not very many of them produced, make this Jeepster a rare rig to see on the trail. But that is what attracted Ron to the Commando in the first place. He liked the fact that when he went wheelin', the chances of seeing another example of his rig were slim to none. And certainly no one he would run across would have done as many modifications to theirs as he did.

On our last trip to Oregon, we made a detour to Stockton, California, so we could meet up with Ron and see what his vehicle could do. He started it up for us with a rumble that shook the trailer. We quickly realized there was no six-cylinder sitting under this hood. Instead, a 500ci Caddy motor had been swapped in to keep the 39.5-inch Boggers moving through even the worst of goo and rocks.

We were disappointed Ron couldn't quite do any wheelies for us, though-we guess he just needs to add some more power and take us back out sometime.