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1985 Chevy Rock Crawler - Big Hawaiian Italian Rock Crawler?

Posted in Project Vehicles on December 1, 2003 Comment (0)
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While in Hawaii on assignment (we love our job), we met this crazy Italian named Fabio Manno. Now, all the Fabios we've ever heard of were long-haired pretty boys, which is fine if you're into that, but we like trucks, so we were actually more interested in this Fabio's good-looking '85 Chevy than whatever genetics he got from his Italian grandma. Luckily for us, Fabio didn't want to take off his shirt and try to impress the ladies-instead he just wanted to take off over some rocks and impress whoever would watch with his shortened, bobbed, and built rig with Swampers.

It's not often that we see fullsized rockcrawlers without much body damage, and Fabio's body is in really good shape (ladies, calm down-we're talking about the truck) because of the lack of rocks on the island of Oahu. Fabio trimmed 7 inches from the wheelbase by shortening the frame, and then bobbed the bed, trimmed the rocker panels, and chopped the doors to save weight and steer clear of rocks. He runs hydraulically assisted front steering on his front Dana 60 that is stuffed with chromoly shafts and CTM U-joints. For the interior he had Mike's Metal Works in Kailua build him a serious cage of 151/48-inch chromoly that only weighs 50 pounds. Fabio did a great job with the help of Maui Off Road, building this truck for wheeling rocks and coming home in one piece.


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