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1972 Ford F-350 Power Stroke - Proper-Built Power Stroke

Passenger Side View
Jerrod Jones | Writer
Posted April 1, 2006

Super Duty Eater

To the average Joe, Tim Adams' '72 F-350 may just look like a clean resto-job that's been made a little nicer with a couple of mods here and there. But that Joe really wouldn't know jack about how manyhours Tim has put into this completely custom Ford that started out life as a single cab on his grandfather's ranch. And even though Ford had an extended cab truck in 1972, that's not what Tim's grandfather bought, and keeping a certain truck in the family is worth the extra investment of time and money.

Tim did almost all the work himself, from the '97 Power Stroke engine install to all the custom bodywork. The only thing not owner-done was the beautiful coat of green thrown onto the body after everything was completed.

We would've sworn this was a show truck since it was so clean, but Tim has been using it every day for mild wheeling and hauling supplies to build his dream home in Hayden Lake, Idaho, for the last year and a half. Tim stated it best: "Hey, it's a truck. I built it to use it, because that's what it's meant for."


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The PTO hydraulic lines were installed to power the future tilt-bed that Tim will soon modify, and run far enough away from the 5-inch exhaust to keep them cool. Behind the driveshaft is a custom-built fuel tank that Tim designed and fabbed himself, like everything else on this truck. Just out of sight is the rear Dana 60 packed with 4.10 gears, a Detroit Locker, and adorned with disc brakes to give improved stopping power. As in the front, Tim used Super Duty leaf springs and dual KYB shocks to give him the desired height and ride he wanted.