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Baja 1000 1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee - Baja 1000 Winner!

Posted in Project Vehicles on May 1, 2006
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Say hello to 2005's Class 7S Baja 1000 winner, driven by Dan Fresh and navigated by Vince Demaio. And yes, it's still a solid-axle 4WD Jeep, but that doesn't mean it can't spank a 2WD through the rough stuff. Their ZJ will do 100 mph through the whoop-de-doos and still flex out and crawl over rocks when it comes time. To top it off, they can throw their tailgate on (where the license plate resides) and hit the highway, since this thing is still street-legal! The build started as something more mild, but turned into this go-fast truck at Dan's shop, DXR Motorsports in Mission Viejo, California. This '94 Grand Cherokee was originally supposed to be a prerunner, but it worked so well that it ended up being the racer when "Green Flag" time rolled around. In fact, the build was so successful that Vince and Dan are thinking of marketing turnkey race-ready (but still street-legal) Grand Cherokees almost identical to this one for around 50 grand. Too bad we don't make that much money, but we sure like the idea of having a Jeep we could drive to work during the week, and race or prerun with on the weekends.

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