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1973 Chevy 3/4 Ton Truck - Hellion

Posted in Project Vehicles on July 1, 2006 Comment (0)
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Photographers: David Kennedy

Seth Howard can't really blend in with the herd. If his shaved head and tattoos don't give him away, then his camo pants, military boots, and black rim glasses will. But it's hard to be unique when you're just cruising down the highway to your next off-road adventure, so Sethzilla (his mom goes by MomZilla and his girlfriend goes by MaryZilla) decided to build a truck that is more than just a trail's a trail monster and he named it Hellion.

Hellion is a part of a movement that we call the anti-bling. These are trucks (and some cars) that have no, zero, zip chrome-nothing shinny, but they are also not just trail beaters. They have a bit of their own style, kind of half way between a jalopy and a show truck. In fact, they are like the rat rods of the 4x4 scene. They have a ton of unique little upgrades that demand more than a cursory glance, so you want to spend time checking them out, but they ain't all sissified with chrome his and polished that.

We're not gonna say that Sethzilla's truck is the most capable 4x4 of all time, but it is very unique, and when we asked him what he built it for he explained it like this: "I use it as a daily driver, weekend warrior, mostly play at the dunes (9 feet of air and still running!), local mud holes, and the occasional rockcrawling. This is a bulletproof rig that has gotten me down to Baja and back, been the anchor for multiple-line winch extractions, and a tow rig for stuck RVs at the Dunes. She's one hell of a workhorse with a nasty attitude and a great rumble, so I call her the Hellion."

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Do you have an unusual wheeling rod that just oozes character like this machine? If so, send us pictures as we can't get enough of real-world trail rigs with their own crazy style. E-mail them to or


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