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Front Bumper

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8. While Dave Williams, Brandon Gaut, Billy McCully, and Forrest Moore were helping finish the rollcage and seats, Bryan "Tiny" McCully went to work on the bumpers. The front bumper was built out of 1 1/2-inch and 1 3/4-inch tubing, and attached to a custom box that was welded to the frame to hold the front 9,000-pound Warn winch. The rear bumper would end up with a similar tube design and build, but would hold a 15,000-pound Warn winch for big pulling duties. Our thinking on winch sizes was this: In the front, a 9,000-pounder would suffice to get me up and over obstacles. When I had something really big to pull, I'd want to be pulling from the rear. And if I ever got really stuck, the only way I'd want to go is back out the way I went in.