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Build Winch Plate

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We decided that the chassis was the part we could change the easiest. With the front end cut open, we pushed the axle up to full stuff and decided that the winch and steering box had to stay put but the radiator would be going to the back of the buggy. The new plan has a tube dropping from the top rail, allowing space for the axle and steering parts to compress. Bumpstop and Panhard mounts tie the upper and lower framerails together. Next I began building a front winch plate for the 8274 using Light Racing's flared hole dies to strengthen the thin chromoly plate. Burroughs handled the welding duties with a Miller TIG machine. As the front of the buggy came together, we realized its face/grille/winch plate is reminiscent of SpongeBob with a demonic flavor, quite fitting for a rowdy fun machine.