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1997 Ultimate Danger Ranger - Web Exclusive Extras

Ranger Wheeling
Ali Mansour
| Brand Manager, 4WD & Sport Utility
Posted November 1, 2007

Web Exclusive

Hey guys,

I just wanted to give everybody a quick update on the Ultimate Danger Ranger and a few hints on what the future has in store for the little burgundy beast.

First off, the Dana 30 is still alive and kicking! I've wheeled it a few times since UA and have been anything but easy on it. The lower AL tie rod from Tera Flex has a little bend to it now from dropping down onto a huge bolder, but it still drives fine and with the upcoming surgery I'm not really going to sweat it. I know a lot of you out there are doing similar builds and could use some more detailed shots of the conversion. That being said any specific photo or part that you would like to see just ask. I have piles of photos that I don't really have time to go through, but if you give me a little time I will try and hunt down anything that you might be looking for (i.e. floor mods for the Atlas, spring spacers, track bar, etc...), but for now here are a few extra shots.

Ali Mansour
Feature Editor
4-Wheel & Off-Road


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