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Rear Passenger Side View

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With 103 inches of wheelbase and 7.17 gears, this Jeep is small with massive gearing, but what really finishes it off are the colossal 42-inch Super Swampers. When Freiburger began this monster, 35s were considered big. Nowadays 37s are the norm and 40s are gaining ground as the next mainstay, but anything over 40 is still a bit much for most trail rigs, especially Jeeps without 2 1/2-ton axles. It takes a lot of work to make 42s fit and work on a Jeep without it becoming a towering monstrosity, but with the body tubs in the rear and a groundbreaking hood with attached fenders (made of steel before the fiberglass versions were available), this Jeep looks perfect. The 42s ride on a set of Hummer military double bead locks that have been recentered for less backspacing. The Currie rear bumper carries a smaller 38.5x11 Bogger that acts as the skinny doughnut spare, yet is just enough to help get the big Jeep off the trail if need be. Don't miss the bolt-on cage supports, body-tight rocker protection, and flush-mounted rear military taillights recessed in the steel corners.