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Project Fun Buggy Plumbing - Radiator, Exhaust, Air Intake Install

Fred Williams
| Brand Manager, Petersen’s 4Wheel & Off Road
Posted April 1, 2008

More Tubes: Air, Exhaust, And Agua

The Fun buggy is getting closer and closer To the trail. in case you've missed previous episodes, i've been working on this fun buggy project for just over two years. I started with computer-aided design, then chassis fabrication, suspension, and drivetrain layout. now we are moving into some of the final stages of the build. i'm working with the crew at poly performance, where we have been putting in weekends and evenings to showcase the many products poly performance offers for anyone looking to build their own rock buggy.

For this month's progress on the Fun buggy we did lots of plumbing. With the layout of the buggy we decided on a rear-mounted radiator. This required piping the coolant back and forth to the ron Davis radiator from the front-mounted Chevy V-8. in addition, we needed a custom exhaust to clear all the drivetrain and suspension components. Feeding that healthy 383ci V-8 is a canister air filter and intake from unique Metal products (uMp), which also needed some plumbing to get to the throttle body. so now the 13/4-inch DOM steel tube chassis is accessorized with plumbing made of silicone, aluminum, and stainless steel. Tune in next time when we continue on the interior, truss up the rear axle, and hopefully get some fuel running to the engine. For more detailed photos and up-to-the-minute updates, check out the project vehicle section, blogs, and forum on our Web site,


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