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Ultimate Adventure 2008 UA Z71 Web Exclusive Part 4

Posted in Project Vehicles on September 1, 2008
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Creating a custom suspension for your 4x rig is one of the funniest and sometimes most challenging parts of this hobby. Straight axle conversions are usually the hot topic of anyone who has spent time wheeling an IFS rig and has dealt with the failure of the light duty parts. When tackling the suspension on our Ultimate Z71 we wanted to create something with lots of travel, but still keep the truck low and stable. Tucking 40-inch tall tires can get tricky with a 1/2-ton that's engineered from the factory to accept no more than a 32-inch tire inside the fender well, but where there's a will there's a way, even if it means trimming a little more than you'd like to. One of the coolest parts about our GMC's suspension isn't even the low ride height or the super trick Evo-Lever rear, it's the fact that it's all off the shelf parts! From the front axle mounts to the rear shackles virtually every piece can be shipped to your door and can be purchase from the official fabricator and build shop of the UA Z71 Off Road Evolution 714.870.5515

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