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Bear Trailersports Custom Flatbed Trailer

Posted in Project Vehicles on February 1, 2010
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Tow Tech Traveling and four-wheeling go hand in hand. But if your 4x is less than street-friendly or you're getting tired of holding back on the trail for fear that your ride won't survive the long road home, then it's probably time to look into a trailer. Like most things, not all trailers are created equal. From wood and metal decks to torsion and leaf-sprung axles, finding the right trailer to fit your needs and budget requires a little time and research.

For many Jeep owners a traditional low-slung steel car hauler where you can drive between the fenders is usually a light and popular choice. Though for guys running bigger, wider, and heavier rigs, a utility trailer with a wooden deck seems to be a more common since they're equipped with wider decks. Both have their ups and downs. While we like the low stance and light weight of car trailers, they're usually not wide or stout enough for our bigger trail rigs. Although the utility trailer may have the capacity and size, they are traditionally taller and require a fifth wheel or gooseneck hitch. To us, the best option is to build a custom hybrid hauler.

To find out more about creating a custom trailer we headed over to the trailer experts at Bear Trailersports in Chatsworth, California. With years of experience and a dedication to craftsmanship, owner Vic Meymarian strives to create custom trailers to fit each customer's wants and needs. With some of our project vehicles spanning 98 inches wide and weighing around 7,000-plus, we needed something heavy-duty and yet simple that would accompany a variety of rigs.

The answer to our towing needs came in the form of a 16-foot-long and 102-inch-wide custom single-vehicle flat-deck trailer. Since low-and-wide is always a safe and stable combo, we went with an all-steel, drive-over, fender-style hauler with reinforced fenders and torsion axles, combining the best traits of the utility and car-style haulers.

Compiled here are some of the highlights of the build and some things to look for whenever it's time to create your own custom hauler. Just remember that a well-built trailer is more than just cheap trail insurance; it's peace of mind that you can pull behind.

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Bear Trailersports
Chatsworth, CA

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