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Project Truck Roundup

Posted in Project Vehicles on March 1, 2010 Comment (0)
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Truck guys get it. It's as simple as that. If you don't, you probably are into some other hobby/sport/passion that this mag isn't concerned with. Nothing is simpler than building project trucks. Even if, for some insane reason, we don't wheel them, we love to build our rigs in every fashion imaginable. From budget beaters to full-on race rigs, our passion is building the stuff we wheel instead of buying a wallet job and jumping in. While that may be fun as well, knowing how your ride works and what it's made of really makes the difference on the trail, and no matter how whacked-out our build or ideas are, at least we'll know what's into the rig so we can fix it should a part fail.

Collected here in one issue are our ongoing projects. While you've seen some of these before (Fun Buggy for the last five years and Heavy Metal Mudder for two phases, for example) we have one new ride to add to the amalgamated fleet: The Dumpster. Tech Editor Fred Williams found a gutted M37 for sale and, yes, had to have it. His mostly olive drab fleet appreciated the addition, and you'll see more of this truck as well as the others in the months to come.

And because we know you get it and have your own projects, we are going to start a new section of readers' projects. Once a month we'll have a one-page layout of your project while you are working on it. We'll use up to five photos and that page, so select them carefully and don't send us more than 10 shots. Include a brief story and tech info and you may be in the magazine! Email only to 4wheel with the subject "Projects," or go to and use the Contact Us link.

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