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Heavy Metal Mudder Phase II - Part 9: 1999 Dodge Durango Delivery

Posted in Project Vehicles on May 1, 2010
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Are you ready for some high-flying, mud-bogging action?! We are too! So why then are you looking at a picture of the Heavy Metal Mudder strapped on a trailer instead of in the pit? Well, over the past few months our '99 Dodge Durango has been under the knives of the high-performance experts at National Speed in Wilmington, North Carolina. Since its completion the crew there has put a few hundred miles of testing on the mighty Mopar to make sure there are no hidden gremlins or unwanted surprises.

With the Durango ready to roll out, we only had one thing standing in the way of us and the Mudder: 3,000 miles of U.S. soil! That's right. While the truck was getting the final touches hammered out in NC, we had to fly back to Los Angeles and handle previous obligations. This meant we now needed to get the V-10 Durango out to the Golden State, and in good time.

While you can imagine that a local auto carrier isn't equipped to carry the 98-inch-wide Rockwelled monster, we were very lucky to have a friend step up and save the day. Taking time off from their busy retirement schedule, Ken and Kay Carter loaded the Viper-powered Durango on the back of their trailer and headed west. And after a week of cruising across the nation they arrived in Los Angles with no issue.

Unfortunately our print deadlines are pretty strict, and we didn't get the chance to push the high-powered mudder through the swamp before shipping the latest magazine out to you. So while we would've loved to show you some ultracool shots of it in the mud, that's just going to have to wait until next month! Thanks again, Ken and Kay, for getting our Mudder to us. We look forward to putting the V-10 through its muddy paces!

Phase I
Rockwell Tech: Mar. '08
TearDown: Apr. '08
Axle BuildUp: May '08
Suspension: June '08
Bump & Drive: July '08
Rock'n WrapUp: Aug. '08

Phase II
High-Performance Teardown: Sept. '08
Viper Venom: Oct. '08
Momentum & Headers: Nov. '08
Automatic Power: Dec. '08
Power & Fuel Delivery: Jan. '09
Cooling Components: Feb. '09
Wired & Exhausted: Mar. '09
Finishing Touches: Apr. '09


National Speed Inc.
Wilmington, NC

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