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Scratch-Built Scrambler: Jeep CJ-8

Driver Side Rear Panel
Kevin McNulty | Writer
Posted May 1, 2011

Part 10: Body Armor Basics

If you're surprised you don't see the Scratch-Built Scrambler out on the trail with every new issue of Petersen's 4-Wheel & Off-Road, then we have to assume you never built a rig from the ground up. With every new part that gets fitted to the vehicle, there is another fancy gizmo contraption that has to be unbolted, refitted, and then reinstalled. It doesn't help much that we have a bad habit of changing our mind and that our shop time is cut in half by office work-which really sucks!

Switching gears for the final push to finish the Scrambler, we moved the project to T&J Performance Center in Orange, California, for a helping hand and some advice. T&J has been in business for over 25 years and has a long history of building dependable trail rigs and Jeeps. Mike and Tom Barnett are longtime Jeep enthusiasts and are experts not only at building low-range hardcore overland adventure rigs like the Scratch-Built Scrambler, but also high-speed race Jeeps. Mike and Tom are avid Jeepspeed Series racers, and both hold a number of titles and First Place finishes.

We have already made considerable progress on the project at T&J. They helped us knock out the rest of the rig's body armor, checking off another task on our long list.


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Currie Enterprises
T&J Performance Center
Orance, CA
Overkill Engineering
Nuevo, CA
Kelowna, AK