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Arb Trail Fridge

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The new style ARB Fridge Freezer is a favorite upgrade for any rig. We’ve run them for years and swear by them, and the new model is even better. Despite the plastic appearance, the new unit will even freeze beer, no doubt about it. While not cheap at 800 bucks, the 50-quart unit fits enough food and beverage for two people for a week, as long as beverage consumption is watched. It still pays for itself by making road trips self-contained and self-sufficient—no having to trundle to town for ice and supplies. The new insulated cooler condom, tie-down straps, and slide-out tray are available as well. We’ve gone to the hottest deserts and coldest states using an ARB, and we swear by their versatility. We wouldn’t leave home without one. Information: ARB,