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Rockin' 1977 Ford Bronco

Front Shot
Tori Tellem | Writer
Posted February 1, 1998
Photographers: David Freiburger

Early pony trucks are hard to beat on the rocks

Rich Abby knows how to talk the talk and walk the rock, and it's all thanks to location, location, location. Rich lives in Salt Lake City-a mere five hours from Moab. So by having the most famous slickrock this side of sediment as his neighbor, Rich's after-hours activities are no doubt rockin'. Utah is also the state Shawn Sorensen calls home. The connection? It's the how-come-he-gets-to- have-all-the-fun-in-his-CJ-7 motivation that led Rich to build this Ford. Well, that and his wife Katie wanting to keep their daily-driven Toyota intact.

The bummer of it all is that shortly after Rich bought the Bronco, Shawn sold his Jeep. But he put his firsthand experimenting to work and lent a hand to help Rich make a mighty machine for clawing Moab and other local Utah runs along the Wasatch Front.


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