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Wwii Model Front Chassis

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Chassis frames of MBs and CJ-2As have the front bumper attached by upper and lower gussets. This allows the bumper to take a beating while the frame remains intact. Very little, if any, boxing is evident on the front of the frame, except for the Ford variety, so cracks and bends often appear after years of service. The front crossmember is a round tube on all civilian and military Willys, while the Ford models used an inverted U-channel. The center tab in front of the crossmember is for the extra grille mounting point of the WWII model. On Willys, the frame number is on an aluminum tag riveted to the left side inner frame rail near the gussets, while Fords had the number stamped on top of the frame rail behind the left motor mount bracket. Body data plates are affixed to the glovebox door on the passenger side.