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1999 4x4 of the Year Winner: Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited

Posted in Project Vehicles on February 1, 1999
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You might think you smell conspiracy, but before you get on the horn with Scully and Mulder or even Oliver Stone, know right now that there's nothing going on behind the scenes of Jeep's seventh snag of the 4x4 of the Year title. We'll agree that this being the manufacturer's fourth consecutive win might be a tough no-favoritism pill to swallow, but the all-new Grand put up one heck of a fight to hold its reign.

In fact, the sport/ute probably had the toughest job of all 12 vehicles-because its models have done so well in previous tests, expectations were high. But its star components, the all-new 4.7L V-8 PowerTech engine and Quadra-Drive four-wheel-drive system, didn't disappoint. It boogied down the racetrack to cinch the quickest four-by ranking, and its torque-transfer system was smooth and consistent on and off road. Its wins in Mechanical and Ride & Drive confirmed its ability at comfort, durability, and performance in every environment.

So while that seven-year itch might leave you hankering for a new best of the bunch, think of what an accomplishment it is for any vehicle to hold the title of most capable 4x4 of the year-again and again and again and again....

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