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Big Red: 1995 Ford F-350

Front Three Quarter Shot
Tori Tellem | Photographer
Posted March 1, 1998

An F-350 With 18-Wheeler Attitude

Big, red, and bad to the bone. Dion Moore's '95 Ford F-350 is the perfect picture of these three adjectives, but it's far from your generic overgrown 4x4. Dion is a heavy-equipment operator by trade and likes to take his work home with him, or at least drive home in a facsimile of it.

A turbodiesel is the only engine a big-rig driver will tolerate, and the factory Powerstroke that came in the F-350 fits Dion's needs just fine. The brute torque the diesel produces helps compensate for the massive 22.5-inch wheels and big-rig tires without changing from the Ford's factory 4.11 gearing.

Of course, the first thing most people notice about the 4x4 is its stance. The F-350 is lifted a total of 12 inches with custom springs and a front shackle reversal. That made just enough room under the fender openings to keep the massive Goodyears from rubbing.

Dion's off-road office consists of four doors, Flex Steel bucket seats, and one awesome mountain-top view. The exterior was given a schoolyard-bully approach with Bushwhacker flares, Precision Enclosure custom nerf bars, and a Precision-built brushguard and bumpers.

As a member of Land of the Giants off-road club in Cedar Hill, Missouri, Dion doesn't miss a chance to test the off-road strength of his four-wheel-drive toy. One thing is for sure: This truck gets used whether it be cruising to work or jamming through mud.