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Golf Cart Resurrection - Part 3

Golf Cart After
Chris Hamilton
| Brand Manager, Mud Life
Posted December 16, 2013
Photographers: Macy Gilliam

Final Assembly and Testing

In the past few issues of Mud Life we have taken you through the disassembly and rebuild of a decrepit EZ-Go golf cart. The focus for this project was to build a badass off-road–capable golf cart that not only performed well in the mud but looked good doing it.

David Gilliam and his team at DG Custom Golf Carts in Jacksonville, Florida, completely restored the factory frame and added a rebuilt rear axle from a high-powered electric cart. A 23hp Briggs and Stratton Vanguard motor was bolted in using some custom brackets, and a massive lift kit was installed for ground clearance. The cart's new stance now allows the 14-inch MJFX wheels and 27x11x14 Swamp Lite tires to clear the inside of the fenders with no rubbing.

Before the newly painted EZ-Go body was installed, in Jacksonville slapped on some killer bright green Mud Life graphics.


The big-block Briggs and Stratton motor is loud, so to mask the noise David's crew installed a Sony CXS-GT5616F head unit and four coaxial speakers to overpower the lawnmowerlike racket. A few final additional modifications like rear seating, LED headlights and a foldable windscreen make this rig the perfect get-around toy at any off-road event in the country.

By the time you read this, we will have put this cart through its paces at some of the biggest off-road events in the South. We've already had it in deep water, buried in mud, and jumped it a time or two. Either way, this cart still starts up every time we turn the key, and it's a blast to drive around.

Some folks may be a little skeptical about this project, but we assure you: This is a true and really fun off-road machine. Of course it has its limits, but a custom-built golf cart from DG Customs can not only be cheaper than a new ATV but is easily customizable for personal style and function too.

Step By Step

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  • After

  • added bright green and white Mud Life and DG Customs graphics to both sides and the front hood. The cool thing about the vinyl graphics is that they are removable if we ever want to change the color scheme.

  • The cool thing about the vinyl graphics is that they are removable if we ever want to change the color scheme.

  • Dave bolted on the 14-inch MJFX wheels that were wrapped in 27x11x14 Swamp Lite tires. The tire and wheel combo not only looks great but will give the cart the stance it needs to cover the hundreds of hardcore acres at a mud park.

  • Once the body is reattached to the chassis, the DG crew can work on the electrical components, such as lighting and audio.

  • The marine-grade head unit and speakers will also be able to handle the harsh wet and muddy conditions.

  • The 190-watt Sony head unit and four 6 1/2-inch speakers can be heard around the noisiest trucks.

  • Extremely bright LED headlights are triggered by a new button in the dash and can be seen from far away. Finally we can be seen at night and feel much safer around larger high-horsepowered trucks and buggies.

  • As soon as we wrapped our sweaty hands around the steering wheel, we decided to put the cart to the test by driving it through the first mud pit we found.

  • This cart is extremely fast and easy to control thanks to the great work and custom suspension from DG Custom Golf Carts. We will update you in a few months as to the durability of this beast, but as for now it has been nothing but fun.


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