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1972 Jeep J4000 Pickup - Project FarmHaul: Part 2

Posted in Project Vehicles on April 21, 2014 Comment (0)
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Last time we introduced you to our latest acquisition -- an all-original ’72 J4000 half-ton pickup. Unlike many project vehicles we keep in the editorial stable, this one was with us for a year before we officially unveiled it as a project Jeep. Other than some subpar braking from the factory 11-inch drum brakes on each Dana 44 axle, a 360 with a Holley two-barrel that ran out of lungs at higher rpms, and a bench seat that had a huge hole in the driver side, we thought we had it sorted and ready to chuck all sorts of cool, purpose-oriented modifications at it. Wrongo.

Exactly a day after turning in Part 1 of the FarmHaul story series, the truck began to spit and backfire when cold. The engine stumbled periodically and economy (even for a V-8-powered FSJ) was abysmal at 8.8 mpg. The amp light in the dash illuminated periodically at lower rpms and the AM radio, which normally worked perfectly, lost signal periodically for no apparent reason. So, rather than dive into Project FarmHaul with a bunch of work truck-specific modifications, we’ll spend a couple of issues doing some housekeeping to get the vehicle up to snuff. Check out what was on the menu this time around.

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