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M35A2 Military Truck - Baddest Jeep Ever

Front Driver Side View
David Kennedy
| Contributor
Posted November 7, 2006
Contributors: John Cappa
Photographers: John Cappa

Three Days in a Diesel 6x6

If you didn't already want one of these, you will now. We always have, and now that we've actually driven one, we always will. Even if you didn't know what a M35A2, 2 1/2-ton truck was, chances are good that you've seen a military 6x6 before. They were built by a number of American automakers, including Kaiser, from the '50s through the '70s. Yep, the same Kaiser that brought you the M715 and other military vehicles manufactured this bad-ass giant Jeep from the mid-'60s through the early '70s.

Built as cargo/troop haulers for all branches of the military, the 2 1/2-ton M35A2 "deuce and a half" is basically a medium-duty truck designed to be driven on- and off-road by operators without a commercial driver's license (CDL). If you want to drive one, you could sign up with your local recruiter and join the armed forces, or you could do like we did and order a refurbished surplus truck from Boyce Equipment in Ogden, Utah. Designed to work on any continent in any climate, from -65 to well over 100 degrees, pound for pound no other American truck comes close to the brute strength versus price of a surplus 2 1/2-ton M35A2. Boyce set us up with this $8,500 "deuce" it had in stock that was just screaming for a Jp flogging.

For a practical thinker, a truck like this would make a great addition to any farm, ranch, or construction company that was looking for a cheap way to add some muscle to its motor pool. For the impractical types like ourselves, we think the M35A2 would be a fun and imposing commuter car for L.A. traffic. These trucks were built and designed to run forever. Replacement parts are as easy as a call to military surplus stores like Boyce Equipment. Basically, if you think you might want one and you have the room to park it, you need one of these trucks.


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Boyce Equipment
Ogden, UT 84401
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