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1992 Jeep YJ Wrangler - Starting Young - Video Jeep Chick Megan

Pete Trasborg
| Brand Manager, Jp
Posted October 20, 2006

Megan's YJ Has Gotten Around

Megan Schilling is probably a name that rings bells with a lot of readers. She might be better known as "Video Jeep Chick Megan." We've had videos of her driving her '92 Wrangler on for a while.

Well, we finally caught up with her in Moab, followed her through Upper Helldorado, and were able to get the low down on her white YJ.

Megan and her dad, Marco, built it initially over a period of two months with Megan being the brawn and Marco being the brains behind it. He just liked the challenge of getting it all to work well together, and Megan just liked getting to build the Jeep and wheel it as often as possible. Like any Jeep, it's never done, but it went from street stock to respectable wheeling rig in those two months.

Hard FactsVehicle:'92 Jeep Wrangler SE
Engine:4.0L inline-six
Transfer Case:NP231
Suspension:4-inch Black Diamond Coil Conversion (XCL)
Axles:Dana 30 with Warn hub conversion, Warn alloy shafts, Lock-Right, and 4.10 gears (front); Dana 35 with Warn full-floating conversion, Warn hubs, OX Locker, and 4.10 gears (rear)
Wheels:15x8 Mickey Thompson Classic Lock
Tires:35x13.50R15 BFG Krawler T/A
Built For:Rockcrawling and around-town cruising
Estimated Cost:$21,500 (to date)

Chassis and DrivelineRather than go the normal route of huge engine, huge transmission, and gigundo axles, this Jeep still sports all the major stock components. Each and every one of them has been upgraded as needed while leaving the stuff that didn't blow up alone. It made for some rough teething, but now Megan has a Jeep that can take her anywhere she wants to go.

The stock 4.0L inline-six got no internal modifications but inhales through a Rock-It intake and exhales through a custom-built 2 1/2 -inch exhaust with high-flow cat and muffler. From there, power goes into an unmolested AX-15 transmission.


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After that, things get a little involved. The NP231 is still there, but it has a Tera-Low 4.0:1 kit with two-wheel drive low option in it. Then an SYE kit was bolted to the back, and the yokes were converted to U-bolt style, throwing the straps in the trash.

Power then goes to the front Dana 30, but it is no regular Dana 30. This one has a Warn front hub conversion with the 5-on-5 1/2-inch bolt pattern, Warn chromoly axleshafts, and 297x U-joints. Traction comes from the Lock-Right and 4.10 gears. Stopping comes from some custom-machined 1 1/8-inch thick CJ rotors and the stock YJ calipers.

Out back, bucking the trend of bigger is better, the Dana 35 remains. It is fully trussed and has a Warn full-floating conversion with chromoly shafts. Traction out back comes from an OX Locker and another set of 4.10 gears. A pair of unmolested stock CJ front rotors and Cadillac El Dorado calipers bring the whoa out back.

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