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2006 Top Truck Jeeps

Posted in Project Vehicles on October 20, 2006 Comment (0)
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With some of the deepest water holes to date, the Tank Trap ate Addie's 38-inch tires but didn't stop her from pushing to the top.

Last year at Four Wheeler Magazine's annual Top Truck Challenge there were five Jeeps (including Jp's '73 J-2000 Hot Dog project truck) in the 10-vehicle competition. This year the Jeep contingent dropped to only two competitors: Addie Sheeley's '97 TJ and Brent Burton's '97 four-door TJ. Both Jeeps had an off-road shop worth of mods done to them and both are built very differently. Brent's TJ screams excess while sporting a monstrous wheelbase, a stroked LS1 GM V-8, 52-inch tires, four doors, and Rockwell axles. Addie's TJ is a little more of a sleeper (at least for TTC), featuring a stealthy 101-inch wheelbase, 38-inch Boggers, a LS6 GM V-8, and Dynatrac Pro-Rock 60s front and rear. Both drivers and Jeeps shined in many events, but in the end, Brent and his four-door beat out all the other vehicles and took home the Top Truck trophy. For more info about the event and the competitors, don't forget to pick up the November and December '06 issues of Four Wheeler. In the meantime, here is some of the Jeep action we were able to sneak out of the event.

Pure determination and liberal use of the 450 hp made Addie's runs more entertaining, and often more successful, than some of the boys in more modified rigs.

Hard Facts
Vehicle: '97 Wrangler
Owner: Addie Sheeley
Engine: 450hp GM LS6 V-8
Transmission: TCI TH400
Transfer case: Advance Adapters Atlas II 4.3:1 low range
Suspension: Rubicon Express long-arm, 611/42 inches of lift
Axles: 35-spline Dynatrac Pro-Rock high-pinion 60s with 4.88 gears (front and rear)
Wheels: U.S.A. 6x6 15x10 double bead locks
Tires: 15/38.5-15 Super Swamper Boggers
Value: $35,000

Everything about Brent's TJ is massive. His consistency throughout the competition led to the overall win.
Hard Facts
Vehicle: '97 Wrangler (custom four-door)
Owner: Brent Burton
Engine: 425hp stroked GM LS1 V-8
Transmission: Hughes TH400
Transfer case: Klune-V 2.7:1 underdrive with Ouverson output mated to an NP205
Suspension: Custom four-links and Sway-a-way coilovers
Axles: 211/42-ton steering Rockwell, shaved bottom, Ouverson locker, 2-inch, 47-spline gundrilled shafts, and 6.72 gears (front and rear)
Wheels: Wheels: 20x12 steel double bead locks
Tires: 16.00R20 Michelin XZL (53 inches tall)
Value: $60,000
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