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1968 Kaiser M-715 - 28 Days To Failure

Truck Lifting
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted August 15, 2006

Or How I Built The Evil Truck

If you read Cappa's "Impulse Deuce" story elsewhere in this issue (page 48), you probably got most of your Cappa/Hazel long-distance, nonessential vehicular purchase fix, so I won't go too heavily into why or how I drove 2,200 miles to buy a derelict '68 M-715.

As usual, I didn't need another Jeep, I didn't have room for another Jeep, and I didn't know what I was gonna do with another Jeep. I only knew the $800 asking price was under a grand, the rig had paperwork, and it was a Jeep. That alone was enough to activate the portion of my brain that overrides all reason. Before you could say "stupid idea" I had borrowed an '05 Power Wagon from the DaimlerChrysler press fleet, hooked up my trailer, snatched Cappa from his plastic above-ground swimmin' hole, and was speeding 1,100 miles to Boise, Idaho.


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