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November 2006 Mailbag - Jp Letters to the Editor

Mustard 100 Bucks
John Cappa | Writer
Posted November 10, 2006

All I have to say is that it's very sad to see that you guys have chosen to become a car/porn magazine. I'm praying for you.JCWVia e-mail

While you're at it could you see about getting us a raise or maybe at least a holiday party?

Sex and humor together? How dare you guys. Yup, I'm being sarcastic. Like I've said before, I like your attitude. Your taste in condiments, now that's another story (Trail Head, August '06). Keep up the good work. The goody-two-shoes can read Four Wheeler reviews of $40,000 SUVs and wait for the rapture. You do know someone will write you that drinking mustard is not something a good role model would do in front of their children. Uh oh, lost another prude.

I've had a '97 Cherokee two-by, then an '02 Grand Cherokee two-by. Now we have an '05 Grand Cherokee Laredo 4x4 with the Track 1 system. I'm not sure what that basic 4x4 is capable of doing off-road or if it's just an all-wheel drive for on-road driving. Any info would help. I just subscribed to Jp, and I love it.Ronnie LongoriaVia e-mail

The '05 Grand 4x4 system you are probably referring to is the Quadra-Trac I system. It's an all-wheel-drive system designed to provide a 48/52 percent (front/rear) or nearly even distribution of engine power. It features the NV140 single-speed transfer case (no low range). It's a step up from the two-wheel-drive models you've owned previously. The Brake Traction Control System (BTCS) on your Jeep uses brake pressure to provide even more traction over slippery surfaces. For on-road and very mild off-road use, the Quadra-Trac I system is fine. For more rigorous or frequent off-road use I would recommend the Quadra-Trac II or, even better, the Quadra-Drive II system. For more basic off-roading information, get a copy of Mark A. Smith's Guide to Safe, Common Sense Off-Road Driving by calling 530/333-4777 or by going to It's only $6.95 and worth every penny, even for veteran wheelers.

Every one of us likes eye candy, but Bree is eye vomit. She is hideous! How you can stand her medusa-like stare is beyond me. What about her possible mustache, billy-goat chin, horse face, stinky butt, over-inflated fun bags, stretch marks, mule toes, and not to mention she looks like she smells like onion crotch, ashtrays, campsite latrine, and smelly foot B.O. horribleness. It's just stomach-turning to think about. Find us an all-American girl for our all-American Jeeps!Stacey MaxwellVia e-mail

Hmmm, well maybe if the Germans can make us believe their Jeeps are American we can find American women in Germany. Or maybe Sweden since they too have blonde hair and blue eyes. Yay! Model search road trip to Sweden for the Jp staff!

I agree with all the other people who have e-mailed or written about your (formerly) great magazine turning into nothing but Playboy porn. We will never buy another subscription to your magazine again. My seven-year-old loves Jeeps and so does my husband, but the magazine is turning into a porn page-flipper! Get rid of Bree and get more Jeeps!LisaVia e-mail

I love your magazine. It's the only one I subscribe to. Do all of us loyal readers a favor and quit publishing the negative dorks. When you publish their letters, you are only rewarding them for being narrow-minded. If they can't handle one page of Bree, then they should never pick up a copy of Sport Compact (my son's favorite rag). I enjoy looking at Bree. What red-blooded heterosexual male wouldn't, in all honesty? Do I find the Q&A entertaining? Not really, but different strokes for different folks. From her answers, Bree sounds like a very intelligent young woman and would be welcome to bench race around our campfire anytime. Most Jeep owners I know are not morons and really like straight-forward, intelligent conversations, whether it be about politics or that bitchin' trail we ran yesterday. Do I want any changes? Heck no. Just treat us all with a little respect, and it will come back in spades. Thanks for a great product!Scott Wamsley Eugene, Oregon

I have to tell you, I was laughing my ass off when I read the July '06 Trail Head by John Cappa. I could hardly finish the last three paragraphs. This is a great story, and I hope you can reflect on it someday and find the same humor as I did. This is just what I needed. Thanks, and keep up the great work.Gene Bingaman, Jr. Merced, California

Oh, I think it's funny now. But the owner of said flatfender, Cole Quinnell, probably doesn't appreciate that I think his pride and joy is a pile. Even funnier is that he recently had to push it to its spot at a car show because it wouldn't run.

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