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1976 Jeep CJ-5 & 2007 Jeep Compass - Mailbag

Posted in Project Vehicles on January 1, 2007
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Buddy PimpI have never written to any mag before, but I thought it was about time. I just got my September '06 issue, and I love it. When I saw a friend's Jeep (Milton Breetz) in "Readers Rebuilds" that just made my whole day because I no longer live in Texas and now live in West Virginia-I haven't seen him in 10 years. I don't know if you are aware or care, but he owns SW Jeep Sales and an impressive inventory of Jeeps and Jeep parts. Gee, that sounded like a plug when it wasn't supposed to be. Anyway, I just had to write and say great job and you rock. Keep up the good work. Please do another buildup on something odd like a CJ-10 or maybe a 1-ton axled Comanche or whatever.SeanVia e-mail

Combat Pay SpentI am currently in the U.S. Army serving in Iraq. Jp Magazine has really helped me in spending my money on Jeep parts to build my rig. I have a '76 CJ-5 with a 304 V-8, and she is almost done. I'm making her my ultimate off-road rig. I have only one more step to take: putting new axles on; I planned on throwing Dana 60s front and rear. I really love Jp. I even remember the first time I picked up an issue. I was 16 years old at Advanced Auto buying parts for a '74 CJ-5. It was 2001, and I think the cover was a J-10. That day I picked up that mag I knew I wanted to start building my ultimate Jeep. I then joined the army in 2003 and bought my '76. So I can respectfully say thank you for putting this awesome mag out. I have no problems spending my combat pay on new parts and events.Spc. Matthew HillerElimsport, Pennsylvania

More Land UseI would like to ask the editors and staff of my favorite periodical to become more active in the land-use/access issues that are facing our community these days. I would like to see more effort from Jp Magazine in encouraging its subscribers to become members of their local off-road organization, national organizations (such as United Four Wheel Drive Associations,, and to support their efforts to keep trails open for all of us.Gerald E. BunchVia e-mail

Male-BagYou asked for it. If you would like to encourage more females to read Jp, please consider these suggestions:* You need more stories and photos of you boys boozing it up and chugging mustard (Trail Head, August '06)* How about Jeep fashions, hairstyles for off-roading, and matching outfits for him and her?* More articles on women and their Jeep adventures.* Showcase real celebrities with their Jeeps* Replace Bree with "Jeep Stud of the Month" (male)* Last, and most important...all articles about men and their Jeeps must have at least one photo of him next to his Jeep-clothing optional.Karen KirchVentura, California

Vintage Blatherin'You guys did it again. Just when I wanna give up reading your rag, you go and do more articles I like. Yeah, I want a cool, big-buck TJ, but all I got is the money for the piles I drive. Hey, I really dig the fact that even though you slammed the Scout-looking, later Jeepsters, you still have them represented in different articles. I have one, dammit, and they're cool. I agree with Cappa's bitchin' about everything switching to the newer stuff, and the older customs aren't seen as much (Trail Head, April '06), but you gotta cover what's out there. Thanks for the stuff about J-10s. I got one, and I love every time you cover them or the M-715 brethren. I know I'm blatherin' by now, but suffice to say, keep up the good work!George HogueVia e-mail

Closet Reader (Still Sore Three Years Later)I quit buying Jp Magazine after Editor Cappa insulted Rubicon owners (Editors note: It was actually Christian Hazel, but ehh, I felt the same) in an issue that talked about the 10 worst Jeeps ever ("Garbage Trucks," September '03). The list said that many Rubicon owners bought the same lift and all thought they were instant experts, and so on.

I did, however, pick up a recent issue with the Jeep Autopsy on the TJ because I thought it would prove interesting. While reading the letters section (August '06) it appeared that quite a number of readers were upset with Tech Editor Hazel about a recent article. The headings for the letters were quite derogatory and demeaning-"Butt Hurt Carl" and such. Most readers derided Hazel for an article that was must've been poorly received. I cannot speak about the article since I did not read it, but I thought Hazel's response was childish and imbecilic. He states that he paid more than the Jeep was worth. What's smart about that? He states he did the smog, which the seller should have done. What's smart about that? He claims the article was meant to be humorous. As I stated earlier, it seemed to be poorly received, but instead of apologizing and stating the article was tongue-in-cheek in some parts, he insulted your readers. What's smart in that?

I noticed at the end of the letters section a bold paragraph stating few people are writing to you guys anymore. I wonder why? Your buildups and tech info may be great, but you insult your readers. I believe that shows a lack of intelligence on the part of your magazine staff. You do not bite the hand that feeds you.Shawn R. DavisVia e-mail

My favorite responses are the ones that begin with, "I didn't read the article, but"

That's like me saying, "I didn't install or test the part, but here's what I think of it." Until you've extended the courtesy of reading the article that is at the root of this whole thing, please forgive me if I find your comments imbecilic.Christian Hazel

Wants Without A MeansI heard on another Jeep forum I belong to that the Gladiator concept is dead. Is this true? If so, why did they decide to kill it, and is Chrysler really that afraid of the Gladiator stealing some of the Ram's spotlight? What is their problem? Do they really think it would not sell that well, or are they too busy ruining the Jeep name by making all the newer Jeeps look like, drive like, and feel like cars? They are starting to make Jeeps look like they are targeted at soccer moms. I mean, come on, what is this Compass thing-just a Jeep version of the Dodge Caliber. And the Commander is not that much better. I have owned three MJs, still have one, and I am trying to find a J-Truck because I like Jeeps, but I want a truck. All I have to say is this: Come on Chrysler, we want a new Jeep truck!Alex RockwellBucyrus, Ohio

Sorry, Alex. Jeep checked your credit rating and found out you didn't have any money. They figured everyone who wants a Gladiator is poor and couldn't afford it anyway. Nice work. Now none of us will get one.

Actually, rumor is Jeep has the Gladiator idea on hold, mostly because there isn't a chassis available to put it on. Apparently, a lengthened Wrangler JK frame is not a viable option. However, you should be glad they pulled the plug on the plans to use the Dodge Dakota IFS chassis. We'll wait patiently for the solid-axle version, thanks.

Scam MasterI wanted to tell all of you how I got a Warn M8000 for my Jeep. You see, my wife had been driving a Chevy Tahoe for the past four years. As you all know, the price of gas is keeping some of us from being able to afford neat gadgets like Warn winches for our Jeeps, causing us to have a weak four-wheeling trip or that embarrassing call to your buddy to help get you out of a jam. I wondered to myself how I would come up with the extra money, which my wife would not miss, to buy my winch. After stopping by my local Jeep dealership, I figured it out. I traded in my wife's Tahoe for a new '07 Jeep Compass. This alone cuts down our monthly payment by well over $100, but that is not all. The trick is in creative, redneck financing. What you need to do is trade in your old vehicle before your monthly payment is due, and then set up payments for the new Jeep for the following month. In one months time you have your new winch with the money saved by not making a truck payment. And the extra money saved every month with the 30 mpg that my wife's new Jeep Compass gets can go to my Jeep. Jeep economics for any family on a budget!

While adding the new winch, I also came up with a quick fix to keep the wires of the winch from chafing on the sheetmetal. I was looking through my shed for some pipe insulation to zip tie to my cables to keep them protected when I came across an old crutch that I used when I had knee surgery. I took the crutch apart and used the padding for the hand grip, and they fit perfectly snug around the cables to protect them.Dennis H.Tucson, Arizona

Jp FreePlease send me free stuff! I figured that it can't hurt to ask. I am a loyal subscriber and reader for many years. Please feel free to send me Jp stickers, license plate frame, Bree, free Jeep parts, or any combination of those items. If sending Bree, please poke holes in the box because I don't want any messes to clean up when she arrives.Daniel HeitNorth Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

I couldn't. She kicked my ass when I tried to convince her to get in the box. Sorry.

Commander Vs. CherokeeOne article caught my eye, "Commander vs. Explorer" (complete with guys dressed up in navy and boy scout uniforms). There was a comment in there from someone at DaimlerChrysler that the Commander's boxy styling was done because the '84-'01 Cherokees had incredibly high customer loyalty.

Would any reader of your magazine go out and buy a Commander because it sort of looks like their old Cherokee?JeffVia e-mail

Ummm, No.

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