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March 2007 Mailbag - Jp Letters to the Editor

Posted in Project Vehicles on March 1, 2007 Comment (0)
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First, I wanted to say I'm a huge Jeep enthusiast and a fan of Jp Magazine. I am an owner of a '97 Wrangler and an '03 Liberty. I'm going to get straight to the point, I do agree that my Liberty can't do some of the terrain my Wrangler can, but it is by no means a girly rig. I have done some crazy stuff with it, like driving through four feet of watery mud and it has always made it through with no problem. It deserves the Jeep logo and the Trail Rated badge. I know it probably won't happen, but try to give the Liberty some love-maybe an article or two if possible. If or when you try a Liberty with the Renegade package, you won't be disappointed. On the other hand, I can't stand the Compass. Now that pile of you-know-what doesn't deserve the title Jeep!

Chris Polk
Via e-mail

Last Wednesday was one lousy day. My long-time girlfriend decided out of nowhere to kick me out (and the dog too!). As I sat there trying to figure out how I was going to move all my stuff, including spare Jeep parts, an extra set of mud terrains, tools, camper, and clothes in a TJ, I started to feel real sorry for myself. And then the mail came. I sat down and opened my new issue of Jp and read "Hatari! To the Rubicon, Part 2" (March '06). What a great article. It saved me! I could just picture you guys rolling down the highway in that CJ-6, the wind in your hair, dust in your eyes, all in a fully loaded piece of Jeep history. Hell, you guys didn't even know if it would make it to the trail head, let alone actually run the trail itself. But as it turned out, it did and you did. I was inspired! Not only was I suddenly out of my blues, but now I was filled with the sense of adventure. If you guys had the balls to take a 1,300-mile trip in that CJ-6, I could certainly pack my TJ with as much as it would hold and head out to upstate New York and start my new life. I left the next morning.

Ronnie Cochran
Stittville, New York

Ummm, Christian's bald, but I suppose the wind was blowing in his eyebrows.

Help, I am having trouble finding your mag in the local bookstores recently. Can you please tell me if I can subscribe online or call in. I haven't seen a Jp in three months now.

Bill Merry
Via e-mail

You can subscribe online at and click Subscriber Services in the upper left-hand corner or you can call 800/678-8012. For international inquiries, give a jingle to 386/447-6385. And if you prefer to write to the subscription department, send your letter to Jp Magazine, P.O. Box 420235 Palm Coast, FL 32142-0235.

I'm writing to say you guys are bloody legends. Cheers for keeping me relatively sane by producing such a sweet mag! Your magazine is what got me into Jeeps in the first place. Since I got my mildly modified '97 Wrangler I have been doing my best to infect all my mates with the Jeep bug. There's nothing better than going Jeepin' in the Aussie bush with all my 4x4 buddies. Unfortunately, we don't have the Wrangler Rubicon over here; we only have the Renegade and the Sport. Is our Renegade the Sahara with different stickers?

And why do they bother changing the diff ratios to 3.07 when the Wranglers are imported here? Keep up the good work fellas and sheilas. I'm goin' to throw another shrimp on the barby and feed my pet wombat.

Anthony Thomson
Perth, Australia

You Australians are silly. It's probably from being on the bottom side of the earth. Does the blood rush to your head from being upside-down all the time? I can't stand to be upside-down longer than a few minutes, so I'll probably never visit the outback. Anyway, I'm not sure if your Renegade is similar to our Sahara. These are typically trim packages that include special wheels, colors, stickers, and so on. There aren't any notable mechanical differences. Well, except our Sahara isn't all upside-down. Good thing Jeeps have fuel injection down under.

Hey, I'm not even a Jeep owner, but I buy your mag for all the good tech articles, how-tos, and tips. I like your magazine!

I saw this letter in the April '06 Mailbag (Edited for Space) and before I even read this poor guy's whining I could summarize the photo. These folks were having fun! Too bad "Name Withheld" doesn't seem to grasp that concept. He probably has to wheel by himself or herself due to his or her attitude.

This response, sadly, isn't limited to just the four-wheel community. I do a lot of rockclimbing-have been for about 35 years-and the "there is no room for humor in this sport" letters abound in the climbing mags too.

Who wants to do anything with these kind of folks? Not me. When I go out to do something that I enjoy, enjoyment is very high on the list. Keep up the good work for all the fun-loving wheelin' folks!

Peter Brody
Via e-mail

I am in a situation in which I may have made a bad decision or three. You see, my wife is 811/42 months pregnant and has recently instructed me to sell my '06 GSXR 1000 motorcycle. I finally saw her point and put it up on eBay. I made $9,000, which was pretty decent. The next day I strolled out to my mailbox and saw the newest Jp Magazine sitting there waiting for me. I picked it up and had a thought. Hmmm, maybe if I just spend $1,000 on a CJ-5, I could get away with it. Turns out, within a couple days I was the proud owner of a black, $1,000 '78 CJ-5 three-speed six-cylinder rust bucket, which I kept at my friend's house, of course. Man, it was great, but then I thought why not look for a YJ that is still cheap and just sell the CJ? My reasoning behind the YJ was the fact that a child seat could safely fit in the back seat. So there, on the side of the road, was an '89 YJ for $3,000. Of course, I gave the guy the money and took it home-to my friend's house, that is. After a few days of running around in the YJ, I began to miss my old TJ. Gee, that TJ sure was nice. I decided to go have a look at one of the buy-here, pay-here lots in town and saw a '97 TJ 4.0L Sport for $4,500. How could I resist? After all, I would just sell the CJ and YJ right?

My wife is due in a week or so, and now instead of a $9,000 motorcycle, I have three Jeeps, $500, and the TJ could use a few things. Man, I hope the titles come soon. By the way, I really did bring the TJ home. I hope I am not alone and someone else has done something this brilliant. Guess if my wife found out, I would be alone. It's all Jp's fault. Here are the three hidden Jeeps (pictured below).

Marc Phipps
Via e-mail

I plan on obtaining a Jeep Comanche or Cherokee, and I've run across a huge, undiscovered gold deposit out in the middle of nowhere, and I will need a four-wheel-drive vehicle to access and complete prospecting tasks. Normally, I'm an industrial mechanical designer, and I work on my own self-start projects of energy from biomass, renewable-resource energy. I never knew that energy could be so dangerous. But when you step on the toes of the mighty petroleum industry, strange things will happen. A few people have written to me to tell me I'm lucky to be alive. Once out of prison, I'm staying away from energy. I've learned my lesson, thank you, and I'm going for the gold. I need about $6 million to build an ethanol-activated carbon energy facility to produce 15,000 gallons a day from spent micro-brew beer mash. I looked for investors, but I stumbled across a huge gold deposit, mostly by accident, and realized I could get the $6 million by gold recovery. Then I found myself in prison. I'm on my way to winning a reversal. I've proven that everyone lied at my trial. The facts do not match the testimony (I call it "testaphony"). It is just a matter of time, then I'll go for the gold. That's why I need the Jeep. This is a very stealth operation; under the radar.

Doug Dahl
Oregon Department of Corrections
Inmate #44344B2
Umatilla, Oregon

Black helicopters, hidden gold, and treasure maps. Sounds like a good movie, but where are the pirates. Pirates really are the "in" thing right now. Conspiracy theory was so last season.

I just watched Hatari! this weekend. My wife was making fun of me because she asked, "Why are you watching this?" I told her that I had read the articles on your Hatari! project and wanted to see what your inspiration was. She rolled her eyes and walked off laughing. I can't believe they put an elephant in the back of one of those Jeeps! Maybe Jeep should do that with the new Rubicon Unlimited as a promotional gag. I took my '92 YJ that same day to my friend's parents' ranch and chased some cows and goats around the pasture. Damn, that's fun!

Aaron Ramirez
Via e-mail

I am completely disgusted at your lack of coverage on what could possibly be the best Jeep ever: the Liberty! Just kidding. I know your magazine's thoughts on the Liberty, and I happen to share them. However, I wanted to get your opinion on some of the solid front axle swaps that a few are doing. Does this, in your opinion, redeem this Jeep (and I say that reluctantly) from sissy status? I would think it adds a level of capability to it, but the cost of the parts and fabrication to do it would have to outweigh the benefits.

I just wanted to hear your opinion on it. Oh, and for the record, I drive a TJ and have never contemplated getting rid of it for a Liberty. I almost forgot the suck-up part...your magazine is great. Keep doing what you're doing.

Chris Jasiewicz
Via e-mail

Short Answer: No.
Long answer: If you put a woman in men's clothing does that make her a man? (Christian and Pete, I don't want to hear any comments about my clothing choices.).

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