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Jeep Knowledge - Jeepardy!

Posted in Project Vehicles on January 1, 2007
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If you have ever spent Thanksgiving at your grandmother's house, you've likely been forced to watch JEOPARDY! on television. As you watched eggheads spout off about the annual rainfall in Zimbabwe, you were probably daydreaming about the latest modifications you want to make to your Jeep and all the sweet places you want to wheel. A food-induced coma from granny's cranberry sauce may have even led you to hallucinate about a Jeep version of JEOPARDY! Well, you aren't alone. That's how we came up with this game. We call it: JEEPARDY!

Today's categories are: Suspension, Engines, Driving Techniques, Jp Magazine, Transfer Cases, Exterior, and Aftermarket. Remember to phrase your responses in the form of a question.

$0-$3,150: Complete and total Jeep newbie. You're the kind of person who doesn't have a Jeep yet, and looks up to even Liberty and four-door, hardtop, automatic JK owners. You think the Jeep Wave is that brightly colored Wrangler from the late '80's with the tropical theme.

$3,151-$9,450: You're still looking for that good deal on a late YJ or early TJ that will be higher-mileage and ready to go out of the box. You might own a newer Jeep, but want one to take off-road and not worry about it so much. You've heard of the Jeep Wave, but it's just so many words to you, you really don't get the shared-misery camaraderie that brought the Wave to be.

$9,451-$22,050: The average, run-of-the-mill TJ, XJ, or ZJ owner. You only have one Jeep that's still reliable enough to drive daily, and you've likely never owned a Jeep with a classic leaf-spring suspension and think "shackle reversal" has to do with D-rings.

$22,051-$28,350: You probably came into Jeeping on a late CJ, YJ, or TJ, but you've learned about the Jeep rule of three-namely the need for owning at least three Jeeps at once to ensure having one driveable one. You either own, have owned, or really seriously looked at a Kaiser or Willys-era Jeep purchase, either because it was a great deal and needed a new home, or you were bored tinkering on your late-model, fuel-injected Jeep.

$28,351- $31,500: You're a real bugs-in-the-teeth kind of Jeeper. You learned how to drive on a Jeep, and still remember mocking the comfy CJ-7, YJ, or TJ when it came out. You only read Jp Magazine to tell us what we've gotten wrong. You know what the Jeep Wave is, but because you're too busy trying to keep your 50-year-old Jeep with 20-year-old steering parts on the road, can't return the Wave when you see it. At some point, you've owned and driven a Jeep with no factory-installed rollbar, and if you didn't have to drive the Jeep on the road, the lack of any rollbar wouldn't bother you at all.

I'll take "____________," Alex. the answer is . . .

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${{{100}}} This was the
first year for 4x4
independent front
suspension on
a {{{Jeep}}}.
This is the factory horsepower rating on the {{{Jeep Grand Cherokee}}} SRT-8. Doing this can be beneficial in the snow or sand to keep from getting stuck. The name of editor Cappa’s Rockwell axle’d J-Truck. It has a Low range of 2.{{{62}}}. This is the shape
of YJ {{{Wrangler}}}
This provides
you with a longer
rear driveshaft
and eliminates
${{{200}}} This model was
the first time coil
suspension was offered front and rear on a Jeep.
This is the largest displacement engine ever offered in a Jeep. Do this to avoid going end-over-end on a steep descent. The Jp staffer most readers are likely to stalk. This is the rear output location of a Spicer 18. This is the material used to make the front fenders
on the new JK
This is the
company that produces the Bruiser chassis, in addition to a variety of aftermarket Jeep products.
${{{300}}} This is the width
of YJ Wrangler springs.
This engine
powered the M715 military truck.
Do this to gain traction from the side of ruts. The editor of Jp Magazine prior to Cappa. This aluminum, geardriven transfer case is offered with Low ranges from 2:1 to 6:1. This is the gas tank location on the early {{{CJ}}}-5. This is where the headquarters of Warn winches is located.
$400 This is the biggest suspension difference from the M38A1 and the normal CJ-5. This engine required the high hood used on the CJ-3B. Do this to avoid flopping on your side when off-camber and the uphill side starts coming over. The staff members who took part in
4-Wheel & Off-Road’s inaugural Ultimate
This is a full-time transfer case. The windshield wipers moved from the top of the windshield to the bottom with this model change. The halo’d man who formerly owned West Coast Differentials and started {{{Yukon}}} Gear and Randy’s Ring & Pinion.
$500 This is the length of the rear leaf springs on the MJ {{{Comanche}}}. (DAILY DOUBLE!)
It is on the passenger side of six-cylinder models and the driver side of V-8 vehicles.
Do this to lock up
a limited-slip
Christian Hazel’s haircut. This is the year the Dana 300 transfer case replaced the Dana 20. This was done to better fit the 258 inline-six engine. This company was formerly called Rock-ett Products.

And The Question Is . . .

$100 What is 1963? What is 420 hp? What is airing down your tires to a lower psi? What is
Project Hot Dog?
What is the Dana 300? What is square? What is a slip-yoke eliminator?
$200 What is the ’93 Jeep ZJ Grand Cherokee? What is the 401ci AMC V-8? What is hit the gas and not the brakes? Who is Bree? What is on the
passenger side?
What is
ABS plastic?
What is Poison Spyder Customs?
$300 What is 21¼2 inches? What is the 230ci Tornado inline-six engine? What is sawing the steering wheel back and forth? Who is
Rick Péwé?
What is the Advance Adapters Atlas II? What is under the driver seat? What is
$400 What is a factory-installed shackle reversal? What is the
Hurricane F-head engine?
What is steering downhill into
a roll?
Who are
John Cappa
and Christian Hazel?
What is the Quadra-Trac BW 1339? (We will also accept: NP147, NP229, or NP247.) What is the CJ-2A to the CJ-3A? Who is Randy Lyman?
$500 What is
571¼4 inches?
What is the upper radiator hose
on a ZJ Grand
What is applying the gas and brake at the same time? What resembles a cue ball? (We will also accept: Kojack look-alike, chemo patient, or Bic-razored.) What is 1980? Why did AMC stretch the front sheetmetal
and wheelbase
3 inches on
the CJ-5?
What is the
original name of

Welcome to Double JEEPARDY! The questions in this round are a little harder, but the imaginary money reflects that. Today's categories are: Axles, Military Jeeps, Dates in Jeep History, Wheelbases, Transmissions, Model Designations, and Abbreviations.I'll take "____________," Alex. the answer is . . .

${{{200}}} The ring gear diameter of
a Dana 30.
This is the
military version
of the {{{CJ}}}-5.
These are the range of years the CJ-8 {{{Scrambler}}} was produced. These Jeeps
have a 931¼2-inch
This is the desirable First gear ratio of a T-18A. These vehicles are designated DJs. This is the designation for the ’05 Grand {{{Cherokee}}}.
$400 The bolt pattern on WJs, WKs, and new JKs. This gear ratio is used in the axles of original MBs. This is the year the 258 inline-six engine was
in a {{{Jeep}}}.
This is the stock wheelbase on the CJ6, M170, and ’67–’71 Jeepster Commando. These transmissions were used behind the 304 V-8 in ’76–’79 CJs. These are the differences between a Rubicon and
a normal TJ
This is what CJ stands for.
${{{600}}} This is the year
CJs changed from
narrow-track to
wide-track axles.
This is the
of the military
ambulance version of the fullsize Jeep.
This was the first year power steering was available on a Jeep. These Jeeps
have an {{{80}}}-inch
This company manufactured the T-4 and T-5. These vehicles are designated VJs. This is what AMC stands for.
$800 This is the year the Model 20 replaced the Dana 44 in the back of the CJ. This is a
Jeep aircraft
military tug.
This is the year Kaiser bought out Willys. This is the stock wheelbase on an M715. These are the number of speeds in the 545RH automatic transmission used in the WJ
and WK Grand
These three
models are all Jeep pickups
This is called PTO for short.
$1,000 3.73 and down, 3.92 and up. This is the amphibious World War II Jeep. This was the first Jeep model to offer open knuckles. (DAILY DOUBLE!) These are the wheelbases offered on the
Forward Control.
This automatic transmission was used behind the 5.2L V-8 in the ZJ Grand Cherokees. Mark IV Tuxedo Park, Golden {{{Eagle}}}, Playboy, and Levi’s. This is what GPW stands for.

And The Question Is . . .

$200 What is
7.25 inches?
What is
the M38A1?
What is
1981 to 1986?
What do the CJ-7, YJ Wrangler, and TJ Wrangler have in common? What is 6.32:1? What are postal Jeeps called? What is WK?
$400 What is 5x5? What are 4.88s? What is 1971? What is 101
inches long?
What are the TH400 automatic and T-15 manual transmissions, and in some cases,
the T-18 manual
What are Dana 44 axles, 4.10 gears, lockers, Goodyear MT/Rs, an NP241 Rock-Trac T-case, and diamond-plate rocker guards? What is Civilian Jeep?
$600 What is 1982? What is an M-725? What is 1965? What do the MB, M-38, GPW, CJ-2A, CJ-3A, and CJ-3B have in common? What is
What is the model designation for the original ’48–’51 Jeepsters? What is American Motor Company?
$800 What is 1976? What is a CJ-10A? What is 1953? What is 126 inches long? What is five speeds? What are the Willys Truck, fullsize
J-Trucks (J10, J20, J2000, J3000,
and so on), and Comanche (MJ)?
What is Power Take Off?
$1,000 What is the carrier break for a Dana 44 differential? What is the Seep
or GPA?
What is the ’70 Wagoneer? What is 81 inches (FC-150) and 103.5 inches (FC-170)? What is the 46RH? What are four
CJ models?
What is the
abbreviation for
a Government vehicle with an
80-inch wheelbase designed by Willys?

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