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Jeep Knowledge - Jeepardy!

Red Jeep Climbing
Harry Wagner | Writer
Posted January 1, 2007
Contributors: Pete Trasborg

Test Your Jeep Knowledge

If you have ever spent Thanksgiving at your grandmother's house, you've likely been forced to watch JEOPARDY! on television. As you watched eggheads spout off about the annual rainfall in Zimbabwe, you were probably daydreaming about the latest modifications you want to make to your Jeep and all the sweet places you want to wheel. A food-induced coma from granny's cranberry sauce may have even led you to hallucinate about a Jeep version of JEOPARDY! Well, you aren't alone. That's how we came up with this game. We call it: JEEPARDY!

Today's categories are: Suspension, Engines, Driving Techniques, Jp Magazine, Transfer Cases, Exterior, and Aftermarket. Remember to phrase your responses in the form of a question.

$0-$3,150: Complete and total Jeep newbie. You're the kind of person who doesn't have a Jeep yet, and looks up to even Liberty and four-door, hardtop, automatic JK owners. You think the Jeep Wave is that brightly colored Wrangler from the late '80's with the tropical theme.

$3,151-$9,450: You're still looking for that good deal on a late YJ or early TJ that will be higher-mileage and ready to go out of the box. You might own a newer Jeep, but want one to take off-road and not worry about it so much. You've heard of the Jeep Wave, but it's just so many words to you, you really don't get the shared-misery camaraderie that brought the Wave to be.

$9,451-$22,050: The average, run-of-the-mill TJ, XJ, or ZJ owner. You only have one Jeep that's still reliable enough to drive daily, and you've likely never owned a Jeep with a classic leaf-spring suspension and think "shackle reversal" has to do with D-rings.

$22,051-$28,350: You probably came into Jeeping on a late CJ, YJ, or TJ, but you've learned about the Jeep rule of three-namely the need for owning at least three Jeeps at once to ensure having one driveable one. You either own, have owned, or really seriously looked at a Kaiser or Willys-era Jeep purchase, either because it was a great deal and needed a new home, or you were bored tinkering on your late-model, fuel-injected Jeep.

$28,351- $31,500: You're a real bugs-in-the-teeth kind of Jeeper. You learned how to drive on a Jeep, and still remember mocking the comfy CJ-7, YJ, or TJ when it came out. You only read Jp Magazine to tell us what we've gotten wrong. You know what the Jeep Wave is, but because you're too busy trying to keep your 50-year-old Jeep with 20-year-old steering parts on the road, can't return the Wave when you see it. At some point, you've owned and driven a Jeep with no factory-installed rollbar, and if you didn't have to drive the Jeep on the road, the lack of any rollbar wouldn't bother you at all.

I'll take "____________," Alex. the answer is . . .


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