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Letters to the Editor - April 2008 Mailbag

Women Driver
John Cappa | Writer
Posted April 1, 2008

I'd like to compliment you on your magazine. I've been a reader for a few years now and always anticipate the call from the newsstand telling me the new issue is here. I gotta tell ya, I really like the fact that, on the November '07 cover, there was a pic of a woman obviously having a ball driving an old Jeep, and yet there were a couple of cheesecake shots of babes in bathing suits further back in the issue. Also, I never had a problem with the Bree column. You guys should do a story on gals who pilot their own rigs off-road and include action shot-not just poses. And what about an "old geezer article?" I also like the off-beat humor andthe fact that no one seems to be afraid to laugh at him or herself. As I rocket toward the age of 50, and as a lover of the older Jeeps (newest owned is an '81 CJ-7, oldest being a '58 Jeep pickup), I still appreciate the variety of what's out there these days, and you guys seem to keep my interest up pretty consistently. Keep up the good work.
Dave Ferreira
Via e-mail

I just got my November '07 issue, and I totally agree with the Trail Head article about crappy Chinese tools. I have always used Craftsman tools for precision, high-torque tasks, or other applications where I need my hand tool to not fail me with catastrophic results. Many of them are guaranteed forever and are made in the USA. There is no disadvantage except for the buy in, which is the cost of doing business for highquality tools. Join Craftsman Club and be happy when the sale rolls around. It more than pays for itself in frustration. A perfect example of this is the cheap tap-and-die sets sold by Harbor Freight. Now, I like going to Harbor Freight as much as the next guy-the disposable-type tools and assorted replacement nut-and-bolt sets are very handy. And a 3-pound hammer? Yeah, China can do that. But a tap-and-die set? Craftsman's SAE/METRIC set costs double that of Harbor Freight's various brands, but the steel is a harder alloy, it resists corrosion much better, and the dies start right every time without walking. They actually cut metal!

It's not just that-it's the peace of mind of knowing that my hand tools will not leave me stranded while building a deer stand deep in the woods, where the locals still think dentistry is witchcraft. And the $5.99 grinder at Harbor Freight? Yeah, that's just scary. I get visions of eye patches and missing fingers. No thanks. What about Chinese fuses available at the same store, which I have always avoided for fear of them setting my truck afire? I saw a mass recall notice for them at the register recently. Stay with U.S.-made Buss fuses!
Brian Paone
Via e-mail

My brother just bought a Lara Croft Tomb Raider Jeep. Does this make him a girlyman? I am concerned that he might show up for a trail run with black hot pants on. Not good. I am curious what your readers would say.
Via e-mail

Uhhh, is your brother, ummm, well, you know?... I mean I wouldn't drive one unless it was Halloween and I was dressed up like a Hooters girl. The bummer is the Jeep that you could get at the dealer was nothing like the actual Jeep Lara Croft drove; it doesn't even come with a big pair of boobs. But OK, we'll let the readers decide! Go to to vote the Tomb Raider Wrangler as the most girlywuss Jeep model ever or vote it as a cool manly factory option package.

I just got the latest issue (November '07) and read the top repair article ("New Top Destruction"). I'd like to add that when I've made repairs to my top, I use wax thread to repair the seams and zipper sections. It can be picked up at marine supply stores. They sell kits that have high-quality needles and even some backing if you need more beef at a corner for example. Anyway, I love the stuff you guys do. Keep it up! I'm glad to see that Bree is at least on the Web page. I don't care what those other f-ers say; Hot chicks and Jeeps just go together.
CW Cole
Bothell, WA

Thanks for putting out such a great magazine, and if anyone and all of our servicemen and women overseas get to see this, thank you for what doing and God bless.
David Driskell
Montgomery, AL

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