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Finding Good Used Jeeps - Deal Or No Deal

Jeep Truck
Christian Hazel
| Brand Manager, Four Wheeler
Posted October 1, 2008

In Search Of Jeep Bargains

When a writer gets handed a story assignment he's got a few ways of interpreting it. That's why it's called editorial: There's some opinion mixed in with the fact. So when Cappa handed down an assignment on finding a deal on your next Jeep, rather than regurgitate the same old tips and tricks I've been talking about for years, I decided to share a couple of my most recent experiences.

If you don't know by now to avoid the classified sections of newspapers and print magazines and go straight to the online ad sites and forums, then you should go butter your hands and juggle cinder blocks. The real deals are found online, through buddies, and through happenstance. So whether you're just passing by and see a junk Jeep tucked away in somebody's side yard like the Willys pickup in the lead photo, or you've been scouring the Web like Joan Crawford on a dirty bathroom floor, hopefully you can relate to these experiences.


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