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Junked Jeep Stash Tour - Rust Holy Toledo Part II

Posted in Project Vehicles on November 1, 2008
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Though marred by surface rust, the interior is surprisingly unmolested. Look through the top of the steering wheel and you'll see the groovy factory issue radio delete plate.

Last issue we showed you some of the findings we spotted during a recent scavenger hunt at Mielke's Used Auto Parts. It's a time-capsule bone yard in Sheffield, Massachusetts, where we stumbled onto this wild assortment of Toledo's finest. The unusual thing is how most of these Jeeps look like they were parked decades ago - when they might have still been relatively solid and workable. But alas, exposure to untold harsh winters and humid summers has reduced them to forest art status. Then again, if you see something you can use, Mielke's is open for business, just give 'em a call.

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