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Different Types Of Jeepers - Off-Road Archetypes

Posted in Project Vehicles on January 1, 2009
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The 909 BruiserIt's sort of a Southern California thing, but 909 is an area code covering a particularly rough neck section. Ya know the type; the guy with a huge beer gut, red scraggly or overgrown goatee with rubber bands in it, tattoos, and a shaved head. Most likely to be found kicking somebody's ass at the Azusa mud pit or driving a Jeep with a big block and 44-inch Boggers at TDS.

This is probably the story that will finally get me fired. It's OK. I've had a good run. It's been almost 10 years since I got hired here in magazine land. This story assignment is probably just Cappa's way of getting me out of the building without an awkward confrontation. He'll sit me down to say how much he appreciates my contributions to the company and a few other exaggerations to distract me so Security can sneak up, grab me by the scruff of the neck, and toss me on the curb.

Regardless, Cappa came to me and said "I wanna do a who-are-you story about all the types of 4x4 guys out there" and then he e-mailed me examples number 1, 2, and 3. Then the e-mails started bandying back and forth and before you know it, we had sixteen completely politically incorrect examples of Jeep Guy Archetypes. So, read them over (hopefully with a sense of humor) and see in which category you fall.

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